Is it wrong to dislike this time of year?

I feel awful, more so for my children. I am really struggling to enjoy what is meant to be a ‘jolly, festive, happy’ blah, blah time of year. It is not that I hate Christmas, that is a strong word to use but it is more what it does to people; stress, road rage, pushing, rudeness, unable to communicate, brat like behaviour. I don’t even get this from my 5 and 7 year old devil children.

The only thing prohibiting me from exploding is the thought of soaking up the sun after Christmas and enjoying spending time with my boys and husband. Relaxing I think is the word they call it?

I am sure I will make it, but with the seams set to burst, time to seek out a bottle of precious Gospel Green Cyder whilst burning the midnight oil tonight and of course tucking into something naughty. But with no cooker for the past 3 days that really doesn’t help my stress levels. Something simple is required and in times of need you can’t beat Welsh rabbit. Comfort food at its best .. there had better be cheese in the fridge!

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